life is good  

Sometimes you things won't ever get better, but they do. You just have to be open to it.

The only problem with falling into a perfect love is that the world that houses it is far from perfect.

Ryan's the kind of guy that I used to dream of finding. He's considerate, he's brilliant, he's beautiful, he is hilarious, and he's the most stable person I've ever met. He's amazing.

The best part of it all is that he's crazy about me, too. :)

The only problem with being with someone so great is that I'm not the only one that's noticed. We work in the same office, and one of our friends, Jill, seems to have a massive crush on him - and a huge chip on her shoulder towards me, since she found out he and I are dating. She flirts with him mercilessly, and goes out of her way to not invite me to after-work activities.

I think it's kind of funny, when I'm not annoyed by it.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2001  

I am madly in love.

When you're a little girl, you think that someday you're going to find that perfect person, and you're going to be happy ever after. You see it in movies, you read it in books, you dream with your friends about what it will be like...but then you start to have doubts. You think that it's an unattainable ideal, that nobody falls in love like they do in the movies. There's always something that's not quite right.

Right? Wrong.

I don't think there was anyone that was more cynical about finding a soulmate than I was. Was. That was before I met Ryan.

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